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Automotive Restoration & Blasting News | Brut Mfg.

Spring Carlilse Event 2015

Spring Carlilse Car EventCome and see us at the Spring 2015 Carlilse Event next week in booth B62. It is a collector and classic car swap meet not to be missed. We will be showcasing some of our Sandblasters and some of our newer auto restoration products.

Apr 22-26, 2015
Adult Admission: Daily Wed.- Sat. $10 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $30
Gate Times: Wed.-Sat. 7am-6pm , Sun. 7am-3pm
Auctions Dates: Thursday & Friday, 3-10pm

See all the details here

Crushed Glass Media

http://www.brutmfg.com/images/stories/virtuemart/product/speed_grit_bag.jog.jpgBlasting with sand today is just about obsolete.

There is now a new material on the market that practically reinvents the world of sandblasting.  The material is crushed glass media.  Crushed glass media is the very best for blasting and cleaning sheet metal body panels for automotive restoration.  It will not warp 20 GA sheet metal and will etch the surface making it perfect for body filler or primer and paint.  Blasting at 90 psi on metal and 70 psi on fiberglass works best when using 40-70 grit size.

Crushed glass media is produced from ground-up bottles containing 1% free silica non-reactive and inert.  It can be used near and around water.  It is also cleaner, safer and faster than sandblasting and other media.  Although safer than otehr media, you must always use proper sandblasting protection. Being manufactured from old bottles, it is also eco-friendly since those bottles are not going to a landfill.

Crushed glass is CARB approved for outdoor blasting until Title 17.  It is also approved by US Military under MIL-A22262B for blast cleaning.http://www.brutmfg.com/images/stories/virtuemart/product/150h5.jpg

Some of Brut's Blasting Media Includes:

Some other good blasting media's to use in Brut Sandblasters are:

  • Coal Slag-Black Beauty: 40-60 Grit
  • Star-Blast-Dupont: 40-60 Grit
  • Glass Bead: 60-100 Grit
  • Aluminum Oxide: 60-80 Grit


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